Discover the heights you can reach, as an individual or a company!

Dr. Marilyn ClarkI coach as my way of giving. I coach because I care.
Do you need help forming a career development or strategic leadership plan? Or becoming the rock star of your office? Or maybe just identifying what you want from your professional life?

I created Black Women Work to give ambitious modern Black women a platform for answering those questions and making the very most of their careers.

My 20+ years in the corporate world were successful and enriching. During that time, though, I noticed a void: a lack of mentors, role models, and support systems. I decided to help fill that void by providing emerging research, invaluable education, visionary coaching and insightful consulting.

This site is for you—a collection of trusted resources and a place where Black women can connect, engage, share experience, learn and lay groundwork for their individual transformational career growth. My philosophy involves guidance through self-discovery with a personal desire to see Black women thrive.

Our practice is guided by principles of:

  • Fostering trust through honesty and integrity
  • Giving first and sharing always
  • Treating everyone with respect
  • Practicing listening as the first duty of dedication
  • Practicing humility as our strength of character